LongArm Variegated Poly 3300yd MANGO MIST

Aurifl’s Long Arm Polyester Variegated King Spools are 40wt and available in 10 stunning colors. Absolutely no lint and no issue with thread breaking, this thread is appropriate for both the top and bobbin, with a lovely stitch every time. Ideal for embroidery, quilting, thread painting and and decorative stitching, satin stitching and applique. Color Variation length is 2 to 6 inches. 3000m/ 3300 yds. 1 cone. Colors include 5505 Seashell is pink, acid green, light blue, and cream. 5506 Mango Mist is fuchsia, orange-red, and yellow. 5507 Creme Brulee is burnt, light and medium oranges, with light yellow. 5508 Storm at Sea is violet, light blue, turquoise, and royal blue. 5509 Jade is light, medium and emerald greens, with medium blue. 5510 Copper Brown is burnt brown, ocher, and beige. 5511 Golden Glow is light and medium orange with yellow and green. 5512 Pumpkin Spice is medium and light orange, with bronze and yellow. 5513 French Lilac is light and medium pink with light and medium lilac. 5514 Midnight Shadows is light and dark grey with cream and violet.