33 – Master Quilter, 3000yd, Yellow

The thread for every machine and every long armer. Runs effortlessly with a beautiful finish, at an economical price. Choose this thread to be the foundation of your thread collection. Master Quilter is the first of four threads in WonderFil’s Bread and Butter line for longarm quilting. You can reach for this thread over and over to achieve problem free quilting with a beautiful stitch result and please all of your customers! Master Quilter will achieve all results from edge to edge quilting, up to detailed block and border designs for customized quilting. A beautiful matte finish will accentuate the stitching and quilting design without overpowering it with the shine other glossy, polyester threads leave. It is a great choice for all quilters who want the look of a cotton thread finish without the breakage cotton threads may have when used on throats of 20 inches or more. Available in 72 colours, this totally lintless, 40 wt 3ply soft polyester will leave you pleased with every result. Pair it with DecoBob pre-wound bobbins for effortless, beautiful results.