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Organ Emb Titanium 12/80 10/pk

Special version for embroidery and decorative stitching. It has an oversized eye to reduce stress and tension on the thread. It also accomodates metallic threads or heavier topstitching threads and makes needle threading easier. Titanium finish for longer life and durability.

Ndl Organ Super Stretch AstC/5

Needle Organ Super Stretch Assortment Card of 5 Contains Sizes (3) 75/11, (2) 90/14. Ball point needles with special eye for highly elastic materials. Ball point alleviates making holes and scarf avoids skipped stitches. – Alternative numbers 130/705H Super Stretch HAX1SP 5440000BL

Organ Serger DCx1F sz14 10/pkg

10 needles per package. Sold by the package.

Organ Flat Shank HLx5 s14 10/p

These needles have a flat side ground on the shank to assure proper alignment with the point of the hook. (Intended only for machines designed for Flat Shank needles). This is the standard needle with a flat shank and regular sized eye for use with most home sewing machines and home sewer based embroidery and

Schmetz Universal Twin 1.6/80

Also referred to as a Double Needle. With narrowly spaced needles, this Universal Twin Needle is perfect for sewing dual rows of stitches stitches. Can be used with zig zag machines that thread front to back. System: 130/705 H ZWI. Needle Distance: 1.6mm. Needle Size: 12/80. 1 needle per pack. Carded.

Schmetz 16X231 sz80/12 10/Packg

(R) Standard round point; CANU: 14:25 1 Same as DBX1, 16X257, 2254, 287WH – Bernina 117, Brother S7200C, Consew 7360RH, CN2230R, Janome 1600P-DBX, Juki all DDL models Singer 188K, 241-12 – Brother Homelock 523, 523N, 525, 525N, 526, 526D, 526LCW, 530, 530D, 546, 546D, 626, 634D, 834DP

Schmetz Overlock DCX1 sz10 10/

Serger needles. (R) Normal round point. CANU: 03:33 1. Equivalent Systems: 621, 81X1, DCXN17, MY1023A, SY1225.

Schmetz 135×16 sz130/21 10/Packg

Leather Point

R.Hemmings Crewel #8 (Box of 12)

Richard Hemmings Embroidery hand sewing needles, Size 8. Embroidery sewing needles are sometimes referred to as Crewel Needles. Embroidery needles are the same as a Sharp sewing needle sewing needle and they have a sharp point. However, they have a long, extra large eye, which makes which makes threading the needle so much easier when

Ndl Organ Ball Point100 Card/5

Organ Carded Jersey / Ball Point Needle Size 100/16 – Sold by the Card – 5 Needles per Card. Ball Point needles for knitwear, loosely woven and stretch materials. – Alternative number 130/705H, 5205100BL

Schmetz 29X4 TW sz22 10/Packg

Schmetz 29X4 TW sz22 10/Packg

Schmetz Combo Pack 9-Pack

Designed to allow the user the opportunity to try a variety of popular Schmetz needles. Contains nine needles: 4 – Universal (1-sz70, 2-sz80, 1-sz90); 2 – Stretch (1-sz75, 1-sz90); 2 – Denim (1-sz90, 1-sz100); 1 – Twin (sz2.0/80). Carded.

Schmetz DBXK5 sz10/70 10/Packg

Embroidery needles for single-head and multiple-head automatic embroidery machines. CANU: 13:80 1. Equivalent Systems: DBX1,16X231, 16X257, 16X95, 1738, 1738A, 287WH, DBX1738, DBX257, DBX95, SY1515, SY2254, SY2270. – Bernina E16

Schmetz Gold Embroidery s11/75 (Box of 10)

The special Titanium Nitride ceramic coating improves needle wear resistance in high stitch count applications and penetration of coarse or densly woven materials. Has a slightly rounded point for embroidery on most fabrics. The enlarged eye accommodates special application threads. System: 130/705 H-ET. Size 11/70. 5 needles per pack. Carded.

Schmetz B27 sz11/75 10/Packg

(R) Normal round point. CANU: 03:36 1. Equivalent Systems: DCx27, 1886, MY1023, SY6120. Consew CM794 Juki MO-all classes Siruba: 401-all classes, 504-all classes, 512 to 514-all classes, 516-all classes Singer 831U

Schmetz Hemstitch 1-Pack s16/100

Also called a Wing Needle. The “wing” on each side of the needle creates decorative open work on light or medium weight woven fabrics. It can be used to produce hemstitching and various creative embroidery effects. System: 130/705 H. Size 16/100. 1 needle per pack. Carded.

Schmetz 134R sz160/23 10/Packg

(R) Standard round point; CANU: 20:05 1, 134(R), 135×5, SY 1955, DPx5, 438 KK Pfaff 118, 1344, Powerquilter 16.0 – Singer 20U, 191D, 591D

Ndl Organ Universal 90 Card/5

Organ Carded Universal Needle Size 90/14 – Sold by the Card – 5 Needles per Card. For general purpose use on tightly woven materials, linen, suede, etc. – Alternative number 130/705H, 5105090BL

Schmetz HLx5 Quilt sz75/11 5Pack

Special design for high speed professional quilting machines. Consult your manual for proper needle selection for your brand and model number. Size 75/11 – light weight fabric. 5 needles per card, 10 cards/box.

Schmetz 135×17 sz100/16 10/Packg

Schmetz 135×17 sz100/16 10/pkg Same as DPx17 – Consew 202RB, 206RB, 225, 226, – Juki LU562, LU563 – Rex 16-188, 26-188 – Singer 111W – Tacsew T1563